Fenway’s Pawdicure

Posted: July 2, 2011 in Family, Fenway

This is day 2 of my photo challenge and what we see here is an angry Boston Terrier getting his nails trimmed. In the Martin home we refer to this process as “getting your paws cut off” since everything our pups do must be dramatic. One would think that trimming the nails of a 22lb Boston is an easy task, but that is simply not the case. Fenway in particular is rather picky about his pawdicures and if it is not performed properly not only does he not tip, but he is quite bitchy to the staff. I am not sure I understand where this diva behavior comes from. We tried using every tool in our bag to raise our son right, but every since he returned from meeting Aunt Jan, seeing “the ladies” and all the sparkly dresses he has just not been the same. As I type this he is asking me to find him an agent for his upcoming ladies tour. Really?? An Agent??? As if I am not good enough.

Well that is all for this post as I must tend to the needs of the Fenway, Gulliver and the poor abused Dutchess Bull. If I do not return tomorrow that means Fenway has dismissed me as inadequate and replaced me with someone more suited to his unique Boston needs.


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