Daddy’s Homemade Bow

Posted: July 3, 2011 in Family

This is my Father In Law Creig Towery holding his newly crafted handmade long bow. Creig is an avid outdoorsman and taught me everything I know about the outdoors, hunting, conservation and really becoming one with nature. Creig made this bow out 3 different woods that he and a friend veneered together over the course of the last few months. This image does not do justice to the craft work that went into this beautiful project. Up close, the layers of bamboo, bodark and ipe can be seen smoothly joined one atop the other and then masterfully crafted into a long bow with just the right length and weight of draw for Creig. Not only are the draw length and weight custom, but the wood was chosen because it possesses a special memory character that remembers Creig’s specific draw so that no one else in the world can use it without ruining it. The love and craftsmanship that went into this bow is the exact sort of behavior all hunters and outdoorsman should display because Creig has gone to extraordinary lengths to create a tool with which he can hunt using some of the same methods human beings did hundreds of years ago. Unlike many hunters today, killing a wild animal is not simply “shooting” but rather is an honorable competition between two competing species. The crafting of this bow is about so much more than simply fashioning an instrument for killing. It is about pouring his entire self into a project so that when he does eventually take a deer with it he can say that he paid the utmost respect to the life he had taken.

  1. My Daddy is so adorable!!! And I love that he MADE this bow….it is amazing to me!

  2. hotziggity says:

    I would love to contact him on how he did this bow, I have been trying & am having a problem that he would most likely know the answer to….anyway I can email or call him?

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