Tower 55

Posted: July 5, 2011 in Family, Never Forget

This is a photo of the last railroad tower my father worked in here in Fort Worth. Tower 55 sits at one of the busiest rail intersections in the country and I have fond memories of my dad working there. What is most nostalgic for me is not this tower or any other particular rail tower, but the memories I have of my father and his railroading. As a young child my dad used to take my down to Centennial Yard, now called Davidson Yard in honor of Richard J. Davidson who my father taught all he knew and later become Chairman of the Board for the UPRR, where I would watch in awe of the huge diesel locomotives and rail cars. I fondly remember being allowed to “drive” a switch engine from the “crest” eastward to the “bowl” which were the names given to the west and east ends of the yard respectively. In our post 9-11 world this would most likely never happen today, but it was a very neat and fun experience at the time. My father was a railroad man through and through and no matter how much he complained, he loved the railroad with all of his heart. I wish my future children could have known “Papa Jerry” and he could have taken them down to the rail yard to see the “big choo choos” like he did me. Miss you dad!


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