Where I’m From!

Posted: July 6, 2011 in Allie, Family, Kipper, Spice of Life

I am from the sidelines, yes that sidelines to be exact. I was born where I still live and raised very close to that sideline in a small town many would call a sideline to a bigger town. I spent many Friday nights standing on that very sideline wanting so badly to be on the field, but alas my place was on the sideline. Once I graduated from that sideline it seemed as though I simply moved on to other sidelines some greater some not, but still a sideline none the less. Most of my 20s was spent wondering if I would ever “get off the bench” and “get in the game” until the greatest coach of all asked me to help with a secret play which might bring glory or might bring defeat. You see that secret play even had a secret name, so simple, no one would ever suspect it would be the end of my days on the sideline and that play’s name was Alex.

Alex was and still is the most complex play I have ever encountered. Some games, Alex completely fools the defense and mystifies even me and on other days Alex simply reminds me just how great the game of life truly is. As you can now see I am not talking about football, but the greatest teammate a person could ever ask for: my beautiful wife Alex! Unlike me, Alex has not spent much time on this sideline or any other one for that matter, for you see she is a star player. Alex is the winning quarterback, the beloved coach, the most beautiful cheerleader and the season people can only dream of. Alex soars high above the fields of life only letting me and a select few others see when she is injured during a play. Alex is the player the coach calls on when it is 4th down, inches to go, the game is tied and only seconds remain because she will do what it takes to win. I am incredibly lucky to me married to Alex and sitting on this sideline or any other sideline watching her play is just fine with me!

  1. I never say this one coming….I just thought your picture today we would being back some great memories of fun Friday nights long ago. I am sitting here with tears streaming down my face in awe of how much I love you. It is funny how we see each other so differently than we see ourselves. I don’t see half those things you see in me when I look at myself. Guess it is just like how I see so much more in you and your photography than you see. I love you.

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