DFW National Cemetery

Posted: July 7, 2011 in Deep Thoughts, Never Forget

I have known for most of my life that for whatever reason I tend to drift toward the linear. I cannot explain my affinity for seeking out linearity but I notice it more and more. Today as I was shooting at the DFW National Cemetery, the one photo which truly stood out was the one I decided to attach as my photo of the day. Two stark characteristics hit me as I edited today’s photos. First, I naturally framed the above image in such a fashion as to emphasize the lines of the columbarium. The second characteristic is the juxtaposition of the already dead against the empty chambers awaiting the future deceased. While the entire cemetery is a moving and hallowed place, the empty chambers awaiting the as yet to die victims of war was most solemn. As I took in the scene I began to ask “why must more die?”  Have we become so adjusted to the deaths of human beings that we simply prepare a place for them once they die with little regard for preventing those deaths? I know that these empty chambers exist as a practical matter, but the symbolism of the empty tombs was profound. For anyone who has not visited this hallowed place I encourage you to do so and remember that these people paid the ultimate sacrifice for you and me. The most fitting memorial we can give members of our armed forces is to strive for a world where their deaths are not necessary and the empty chambers of the columbarium remain empty.

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