With This Ring….

Posted: July 8, 2011 in Allie, Family, Kipper, Never Forget, Spice of Life

Very little means more to me than my marriage. I can clearly remember the days before I met my wife as being very lonely and longing for someone to share every day with. In 1999 I met my life partner and best friend and no single earthly event has ever approached the joy of meeting and marrying Alex Martin. We were married in 2004 when I had just (finally) finished college and she was working to complete her degree. Money was tight, and most of what I had went to her ring which is a beautiful estate piece that is over 100 years old. Her parents had spent most of their budget on the event itself and so there was little money for my ring, and frankly I have never been one for flashy jewelry. Alex and I found this ring at James Avery and the price was right. I loved that it was different since I most certainly am a bird of a different feather myself. The ring is banded in silver with yellow gold Teutonic Crosses and interlocked rings representing the Trinity. The Teutonic Cross dates back to the 14th Century and represents strength and support. The interlocked rings represent the Christian Trinity of God the Father, Jesus his son and the Holy Spirit.

This ring symbolizes my commitment to my wife in this world and beyond. My marriage is not about emotion , physical attraction or any other human construct, but is about an ethereal commitment I made to Alex that no person on earth can tear apart. As humans we all go through emotional ups and downs, but marriage is something that transcends all human emotions and as such must never be entered into lightly. My marriage is the most amazing covenant on earth and is only superseded by the covenant I have with God. It is my hope that someday all people can know and enjoy marriage throughout the world because nothing on earth parallels the joy my wife and our commitment bring to me.

  1. You have to stop making me cry when I read your blog….for real!!! God sure did bless me when he brought you into my life. .even if you were old! lol! I love you pookie and I really love today’s photo.

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