Posted: July 9, 2011 in Deep Thoughts

Today I decided to walk around my office and snap some photos of random object. The attached photo is obviously a clock that one of my colleagues has hanging by a thin rope from the ceiling. There is nothing special about this clock which made the creative part of today even more challenging. The good part is that clocks are iconic reminders that time is fleeting for everyone. But what is time exactly?

Time is many things to many different vocations. Scientifically, time is one half of the 4th dimension knows as space time and is the fabric of our universe. Medically speaking, time is the demon that tries its best to foil every life saving attempt. For the rest of us, time is something we never have enough of. While we may never learn how to travel backwards or forwards in time, we are in fact time travelers. Each of us in on our own personal journey through time and no two people experience the click of the second hand the same. Time knows no true speed, but each of us perceives time differently depending on what we are doing because time is truly relative.

Well that is enough rambling for today and the time for this blog has come to an end. May the wind be at your backs and the sun in your face as you travel through time on your own personal journey!


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