Dutchess Ann “Bull” Martin

Posted: July 10, 2011 in Dutchess Bull, Family

Most loving fur parents will tell you that writing about or describing their babies concisely is difficult. Alex and I adopted our sweet Dutchess Bull in the summer of 2001 shortly after she competed in the Miss Texas pageant for the last time. We knew that we loved one another and would be together furever and also knew that our yellow labrador Princess needed a playmate. I will never forget going to Pets Mart on the day we found our precious little Bull. The animal rescue group, Friends For Animals, from whom we had adopted Princess, was there and had a litter of 3 small black lab mix puppies: Faith, Hope and Love. Dutchess was named Hope and Alex simply fell in love with her from the beginning. We left to go get Princess and returned to see if the two would get along. They did well together at the store and so began a sweet chapter of our life: the chapter of Da Bull!

Everything was just fine until we get home with the two pups. Dutchess was considerably smaller than Princess being just 3 months old. The two began to play and frolic but that quickly turned into puppy mayhem as Princess held poor Dutchess at bay under the futon. I quickly broke down into tears knowing that we had made a terrible decision and Dutchess would have to be returned. As with all things, my wife calmed me down and the two pups settled into a routine. That year was 2001 and Dutchess is now a ten year old queen of the house whom I love very much.

It is impossible for me to describe what Dutchess has meant to me personally. People often say that pets teach us how to love and no truer words have been spoken. Whether I am gone 5 minutes or 5 days, Dutchess is happy to see me just like it were the first time in a very long time. Dutchess does not know how to hate or judge, but only how to love and accept. I have spent many years trying to emulate the sort of love she and her brothers show us continually. Over the past decade, Dutchess has endured her crazy brother Bogie who left us in February 2010 and now somehow manages to suffer through the daily abuse of two crazy Boston Terriers. There is no doubt that Dutchess is in charge and that we are living in Bull’s House! I love you baby Bull now and furever!

  1. Dutchess wants me to tell you she loves you too!!!

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