Mr. Gullypants (a.k.a. Gulliver Martin)

Posted: July 15, 2011 in Family, Gulliver

Introducing Mr. Gullypants Martin, a.k.a. Gulliver Martin. The big news in the Martin home today is that Gulliver has been honored with the “Mr” designation. This designation has a prestigious, honored and hallowed tradition in the Martin home going all the way back to Mr. Bogie Martin. Any poot who bears the “Mr” designation has achieved a level of pup-dom unlike many others (well, all but the other 2 in our home) indicating mastery of certain canine skills. Examples of these skills are, not listening to mommy or daddy, giving us the “who me” look all the time, pouncing before thinking, barking at the wind and “eliminating” at inopportune times. Make no mistake, these skills are very challenging to acquire and only certain pups with access to “the book” left behind by the original “Mr” can learn them. Please join me in congratulating Mr. Gullypants on this prestigious honor and please pray for Alex and I!


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