A Night In Jenna’s Wonderland

Posted: July 16, 2011 in Spice of Life

Tonight, Alex and I had the privilege of attending our dear friend Jenna’s birthday bash. Jenna and her husband Brandon Rabideau own Halo Salon and a host of subsidiary companies including Halo Artists Group which also launched tonight. The venue was decorated in the fashion of a circus bordello complete with gorgeous models adorned with body paint, attendees in full Gothic regalia, fire eaters and Burlesque dancers. The entire event was a mixture of social mingling and impromptu photography sessions using the brilliant decoration as props. Aside from the venue itself, every bit if decoration, makeup, hair, photography and planning was done by people who work for the Halo group. Jenna and her husband have truly created a one stop shop for fashion, entertainment and service industries looking to expand their portfolios.

On a personal note, Alex and I become friends with Jenna though Courtney Robbins when she offered to sponsor the Miss Irving pageant. Jenna and her entire staff have been truly amazing supporters of the Miss Irving franchise and we are very lucky to have her, Brandon and her entire staff of professionals as friends. Happy birthday Jenna and congratulations to your amazing staff on pulling off one brilliant event!!


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