Some Beach, Some Chair…

Posted: July 17, 2011 in Kipper

A few years ago Alex and I bought this chair and another that matched to create our own Margaritaville paradise on our back porch.  When people think of me I doubt “laid back” is the first thing that comes to mind, but like so many things in my life my personality is a paradox. The side most people see of me, especially online, is my activist side that gets wound up about every injustice on planet Earth. I think I get this from both of my parents who were never one to lets things go by without comment. Please do not misunderstand, they like me, also had another side which believed in a live and let live policy. Now that I think about it, I wad destined to be crazy from the beginning!

Back to this chair though. I simply love these types of chairs. They are reclined so that you can lay back and just sink into whatever is going on outside. When I took this picture it was about 105F so I did not do much sinking, but on the days when it is nice outside I just love to go out back with a drink, turn up the music and watch the evening pass on by. My guess is that most of my friends would rather I just let life pass on by rather than comment on every thing that happens. What can I say, I have tried to ignore what goes on but I just cannot seem to do it. Well, for now, I am going to let his blog post slide into the history books and enjoy sitting on my ass in my comfy chair at home! Adios!


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