Chris Martin the Musician???

Posted: July 19, 2011 in Allie, Deep Thoughts, The Challenge

Today I had my first ever music lesson. Music has always been one of those things that was beyond logical comprehension for me, despite the fact that I briefly learned to play the drums as a teenager and that I am married to a vocalist. I was always able to grasp the science of music, understanding that basically all music is simply a matter of making various instruments vibrate in such a way that is was pleasing to the human ear, but there is so much more to music than that.

My first few days learning guitar remindrf me of my first few attempts to learn golf. There is that singular moment when learning to strum a guitar (and I guess playing all instruments) when you strum a chord perfectly and the sound rings true. The sounds just envelopes you and for that one singular moment you feel like you are one with the guitar. I had the same experience the very few times I hit a golf ball perfectly. In golf, this is known as hitting the “sweet spot” of the club and it just feels clean. Both of these moments seems almost as though everything in the world that has been distracting you has faded away and you are living in a moment of perfection.

Now before you read this and roll your eyes, let me assure you that I no longer play golf, and am by no means a guitarist. I am a student with the most rudimentary skills which are mediocre at best, but experiencing those moments of harmony compel me to learn more. Spending just one hour with my instructor Paul proved to me that I can learn the guitar, which was always so daunting to me in the past. I suppose as I get older I am willing to try new things because frankly there is no reason not to. I look forward to experiencing more of these moments and learning to play actual music in the future. I suppose my ultimate goal is to be able to accompany my amazing wife some day as she sings!


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