Camp (oops Napp)er Allie!!

Posted: July 20, 2011 in Allie, The Challenge

Today I was fortunate enough to spend some time at Cancer Care Service’s 2011 Camp Care. Camp Care is a yearly camp for children whose parents are suffering from or have passed away from cancer and are clients of CCS. I blogged earlier this week about Camper Allie and how much she truly fits into the world of summer camp, so when I visited today I expected to see my beautiful wife in full Camper Allie mode, but ohh was I surprised.

When I arrived, I walked around to the side of the camp building to find my wife moving somewhat slowly while trying to help campers tie die shirts. Camper…excuse me, NAPPER Allie walked over and explained that she had just woke up from a nap in the music therapy room after a hard hike this morning. I was shocked! Rough and tumble Camper Allie had become Napper Allie more likely to be at home in our house with 3 lazy pups than on the fields of summer camp. To be fair, Alex led a group of kids and counselors on a rugged morning hike and was quite tired, but this still gave me a good opportunity to blog about her.

All joking aside, Camp Care is a truly magnificent place where kids who deal with tragedy day in and day out can enjoy beings kinds again. No child should have to face the difficulties these poor kids have to face. To compound the difficult of fighting cancer, many of these children’s families are barely surviving financially. Alex told me a story of one child who came with his only pair of shoes which were literally open around the toes and falling apart. I was very proud of my wife today for spearheading Camp Care and she is a natural!!


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