Sleeping Beauty!

Posted: July 24, 2011 in Uncategorized

Have you ever met someone who just goes and goes, but would rather just snuggle on the couch with 2 Boston Terriers, 1 Bull and 1 Kipper Martin? Her name is Allie and she is my beautiful wife. As I grow older I find myself realizing that I am not young anymore and that I have become one of those “adults.” Much to my dismay, young beautiful women no longer see me as the studly physical specimen I used to be, but luckily, I am married to an amazing hottie of a wife who loves me gray hair and all.
On March 13, 2004 I married into a hurricane of a relationship. Keeping up with me wife is a little like being in a wave pool where you generally know the direction from which the waves are coming, but really have no clue which way you will be tossed. My wife’s mind goes 110 miles per hour in as many directions and she often begins a dozen projects at once. The result is that my home looks a little like a Hobby Lobby fit into a 2000 square foot home. Since I have OCD about cleanliness, this drives me nuts, but frankly I would not have it any other way.
Last week, Alex spent each day at Camp Care so by yesterday afternoon she was drained. She slept in this morning, and when I woke up around 3:30 this afternoon I found her fast asleep on the couch with 2 Bostons and 1 Bull snuggled up around her. I am sure she will beat me ruthlessly for posting this photo, but she is so beautiful when she is sleeping (and quiet too). I enjoy seeing my wife finally lay down and relax because for her relaxation is not easy. She must be doing something constantly, so I know when she is sleeping her mind is on cruise control. We nicknamed Gulliver puppynami, but really Alex should be called Allienami!
Well that is all for today. If I do not post tomorrow that means Alex buried me out back for posting this photo!


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