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Well this is going to be an interesting post. A long time ago there was a beauty queen named Hadley Smith. Hadley you see is a drop dead gorgeous, sweet and brilliant young woman who most would say is extremely mature. Hadley has the manners and mannerisms of a woman well beyond her teenage years, but she also has a side more typical of young women in their mid-teens (at the time this began).

One year at Miss Texas, an event where young women are called upon to behave very maturely, Hadley brought herself a friend, a small pet if you will. Now bringing a pet along for a competition is not a terribly unusual act, but her pet had one huge difference: it was and still in invisible. Having invisible friends or pets is again not terribly unusual, but Hadley felt that certain friends of hers needed their own invisible pets, so like rabbits, Hadley’s invisible pets multiplied! To make matters worse, the invisible pets were hamsters and these hamsters lived on people’s heads.

So imagine a state wide beauty and scholarship pageant composed of the most beautiful, intelligent and mature young women, a few of whom were running around in their multi-thousand dollar wardrobes with invisible hamster on their heads. To add to this craziness, my wife who was supposed to be the “adult” had her own invisible hamster. Remember, my wife and I are half way insane so she was in some small way encouraging nutty behavior in all. Basically what we had was hot girls, ADHD, Adderall and hamsters. I never anticipated the level of insanity this would create!

Fast forward a few weeks to Miami. Alex and I took Jordan and Reilly to the beach following Miss Texas. We did not travel alone! Alex, Jo and Rei all took their invisible hamster along. I believe it was on this trip that they found small stuffed hamster who embodied these invisible pets. These damn things went everywhere, on their heads. The hamsters wore hats and tiaras and posed for photoshoots everywhere. The hamster got more love than I did.

The hamster are still around today albeit a little older and in semi-retirement. Jordan has gotten a little older and is now a “mature” woman. Reilly is not Miss Teen Texas and so the hamster has to remain behind the scene and my wife’s ADHD is such that she has developed numerous new interests, but the hamster are still there, waiting, watching! I hope now you understand a little bit about why this Kia made me laugh so hard today when I snapped the photo!

  1. Just for the record…so people don’t think Hads was totally nuts…the whole thing started by Hads telling a story about a girl who went to smart camp with her. (I am sure “smart camp” isn’t the real name, but that is what it was so you get the point) This girl had an imaginary hamster who lived on her head…..and the it just grew from there.

    I still love that Rei took Alejandro to Vegas with her one year and sent pics…..and I did make hamster birthday hats for Jo’s 21st birthday…oh and Ricco had an ad in the Spring Show program book and Alejandro had one in the Teen Texas program book. Good times…Good Times!

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