Soo Wee Hogs!

Posted: July 30, 2011 in Family, The Challenge
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One of the more important decisions I took part in during my time as a pageant director involved a dear friend Jordan Johannsen. A few years ago when Jordan was our titleholder, she lived and went to school in Arkansas. Jordan was on the Pom Squad and was a Hog through and through. It was a good thing that her blood was already red because she bleed red to the core. After her first year with us, Jordan committed herself to someday becoming Miss Texas, but had a to decide if she could do that living in Arkansas. Jordan sought counsel from many people and Alex and I were honored that she sought ours as well. I remember telling Jordan that this would be perhaps the most significant decision of her life to date because if she left Arkansas and came home, the course of her life would be changed forever.

As you may know, Jordan did decide to leave Arkansas and become a Horned Frog at T.C.U. Today, Jordan is VERY close to becoming Miss Texas and I have no doubt she will work to fulfill that dream as a proud Horned Frog, but I also know there will always be a little Hog in Jordan Johannsen. If you are ever fortunate enough to play even a very small role in counseling someone about such a huge decision, remember that what you tell them will in some way influence their decision and always take that responsibility seriously. I feel very fortunate for the years spent with Jordan as Miss Ellis County and Miss Irving and I also an very lucky to have her as one of my “secret daughters”.


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