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Reilly Rules!

Posted: July 1, 2011 in Family, Miss Texas

Last night I had the esteemed privilege of watching Reilly Johannsen win the title of Miss Texas Outstanding Teen 2011. This win is the culmination of over 4 years of work which began when Rei was Miss Teen Metrocrest 2008. We had the joy of working with Rei officially when she was Miss Teen Ellis County 2009 and unofficially every year since. Reilly and her sister Jordan are two incredible and rare human beings who are beautiful and simply draw you in by their charm and charisma. Unlike so many charismatic people though, the J’s as we call them, are two of the most normal and relatable people I have ever met. This photo was taken right after Rei was crowned as she hugged her LSPs who have been a huge part of her journey. I cannot adequately relate the flood of emotions I felt watching Reilly win last night. I was on the one hand proud but also somewhat sad that she was not “our girl”. Although this is my raw emotion surfacing, I also know that it takes a village to raise a winner and that she was fortunate to be Miss Colleyville’s Outstanding Teen.  Reilly’s current ED’s, Ed and Danny, are two fine gentlemen who worked very diligently with Reilly this past year and as such deserve generous accolades. I am thrilled to know and love Reilly Johannsen and am ecstatic that I was able to see her cross the first of 2 major finish lines on her way to the top.